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Our Offerings

Trends and Rankings

Watch the CPG landscape change before your eyes. Explore trends and rankings in:

  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Products
  • Flavors
  • Ingredients
  • Dietary Preference
  • Seasonal Shifts

Brand Dossier

Emerging brands and products, under your microscope. Conduct competitive analysis on:

  • Brand Performance
  • Product Performance
  • Consumer Demographics
  • Consumer Geography
  • First Party Ratings & Reviews

Interactive Dashboards

Slice and dice our raw data to get the most precise answers for your burning brand questions.

  • Every brand, every product
  • Choose your filters
  • Analyze over time
  • Explore without limits


See what the SnackMagic data is really telling you, with actionable reports tailored to achieve your goals.

  • Custom Reports
  • CPG Pulse Data Services
  • Marketing Materials
  • Potential growth areas

Product Sampling

New flavor? New packaging? Get reception, fast.

  • Send us your new product or images
  • We put them in front of our customers
  • They give detailed feedback
  • You get a full report

We distribute emerging brands and share Insights on Pulse.

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Trends and Rankings:

Watch the CPG landscape change before your eyes.

A leaderboard that changes daily. Which categories are on the rise? Which SKUs reign supreme? Search by product type, flavor, and diet restrictions to uncover the hidden gems. Are you the next IT snack?

See Daily Product Rankings
"We deeply value the insights into customers which allows us to reach engaged and enthusiastic consumers."
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Robert Petracra
Co-Founder and CEO, Maxine's Heavenly
Example chart for convince and outperform report

Brand Dossier:

Emerging brands and products, under your microscope.

Easy side by side comparisons of every brand on the shelf in one view. Performance, Demographics, Peer Analysis, Ratings & Reviews, for any time frame you want.

Compare Brands & Products Side by Side
"Dream growth partner.  Obsessed with the metrics available."
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Brandon Weimer
Co-Founder, Brandini Toffee

Interactive Dashboards:

The most precise answers for your CPG questions.

Get your hands on as many raw numbers as you can handle, then filter, slice and dice them to your heart’s content. With the freedom to analyze your way, there’s no limit to your exploration.

Deep Dives on Data, Right Here
"Leveraging the immense data on trends, forecasts, and behaviors in the industry is huge."
National CPG Parent Brand
Example chart showing flavor profiles and overall rating


Flaunt what your SnackMagic data says about your brand

We’ll customize and crunch your data into meaningful reports. Feel free to easily append these downloadable infographics for your marketing materials to win that pitch.

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"The portal is easy to navigate, and the CPG team is always on hand ready to help with questions."
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Angela Zeng
Founder Karuna
Example chart showing geographic breakdown

Product Sampling:

New flavor? New packaging? Find out what customers think, fast.

It’s your own personal CPG laboratory. Run custom experiments and get detailed feedback from real customers on your latest ideas. Just send us the product, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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"The success we have had went far beyond our expectations."
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Emanuel Schmerling
Founder, MilkBoy Swiss Chocolates

Powered by a global snack-gifting platform

Our data comes from SnackMagic, a unique marketplace where emerging CPG brands shine.


End User Point of Sale

A unique B2B2C gifting service: employers gift a budget to their recipients. End users choose their assortment; we ship it to their doorstep.

Discovery, not habit

Our shopping platform is the place for budding brands. We show fresh choices, and turn them into routine purchases.

Price-free preferences

We explore how price-insensitive users choose products solely based on packaging, ingredients/attributes, and brand marketing.

Your focus group

When you sell your product on SnackMagic, you can experiment quickly to find out what makes customers flock to you.

You’ve never seen analytics like this.

No more tearing your hair out over generic spreadsheets.

Learn about people, not just purchases.
See inside the hottest emerging brands.
Data from last night, not last quarter.
"We love the insights into other products & flavors favored by consumers who also purchased our product. This helps our brand look into flavor trends that we may seek to innovate with."
Over Easy
Kyle Maggard
Founder, Over Easy

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