2023 Pantry Trends Brands and Flavors From Around the World

2023 Pantry Trends Brands and Flavors From Around the World

February 10, 2023

We had a lot of fun putting together this report with our partner Amrit Richmond, from Supermercato, and we hope you all enjoy drawing inspiration from these 2023 pantry global brands and trends. The report taps into the exciting transformation of the pantry category and is truly a feast for the eyes!

What you'll uncover in our report:

  • 100s of brands that fall under SnackMagic pantry categories
  • 150+ historical acquisitions
  • 30 chef-crafted and/or restaurant owned brands
  • 10 ingredient trends
  • 12 brands that changed their packaging to scale
  • How the pantry aisle is intersecting with the latest trends
  • Pantry's influence on pop culture & celebrity CPG

Here's a peek at some of the eye-catching featured trends ...

...mouth-watering brands...

...and thought-provoking insights!:

Brands and flavors from around the world are featured throughout this report; America, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

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