Beverage 2.0

Beverage 2.0

August 15, 2022

The modern beverage brand is a holistic lifestyle brand.  Karuna, Heywell, Pricklee, and Remedy Kombucha are great examples as shown in today's featured trendline.

Consumers are following a 'drink to live' motto -- turning to beverages that aid sleep, calm nerves, and improve performance …  featuring functional ingredients in their products;  prebiotics, antioxidants, herbs and more.

Wellness & Functional drinks were the most popular beverage taxon, contributing 17% to quantity sold while Sodas came in second place at 12%.

But many of today's beverage 2.0 product are a combination of the two.

Also, is your brand looking for a new consumer sampling channel?

We can unveil answers to "How likely are you to recommend this to a friend?" and "What's the most important factor when you buy a product for the first time?"

We ask it all on our newly launched consumer snack app, SnackDrop. Once those hungry users provide feedback, we circle them right back to you. Quantitative and qualitative insights live on Pulse.

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