Brand Collaborations Trending Innovative Flavor Combinations

Brand Collaborations Trending Innovative Flavor Combinations

February 20, 2023

As we cap off Valentine's week, we felt it was a fitting time to feature the growing trend of partnerships - brand partnerships that is! Delicious matches made in CPG heaven that make our hearts (and stomachs) flutter.

But first, join us as we dive into the top performing popcorn and pretzel products from this past week, February 9th-15th.

Truffle Popcorn by Pipcorn Snacks was the most popular popcorn & pretzel snack over the last 7 days. A close second, were the Spicy Cheddar Popcorn - again, by Pipcorn Snacks! They’re having quite the week.

In third place was Cake Batter Drizzle Kettle Corn by Sweet Chaos. These three SKUs alone represent the wide range of our customers' palate well.

You may notice that two of these top products represent exciting brand collaborations. Pipcorn with Tabasco and Sweet Chaos with Coldstone Creamery. This taps into the growing trend of joint flavors we’re seeing in the CPG industry, and look forward to seeing more of.

In fact, brand collaborations are one of the popular trends featured in last week's report we collaborated on with our partner, Amrit Richmond of Supermercato and Indie CPG.

Some more examples of SnackMagic names who have collaborated with fellow brands on exclusive flavors include: Renewal Mill and Just Date, Fly By Jing and Fishwife, GoNanas and MatchaBar, Truff and Hidden Valley Ranch--- and many more!

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