Brands Be Jumpin' Jumpin'

Brands Be Jumpin' Jumpin'

September 7, 2022

To the brands dealing with the unknown see rankings change as Trends & Rankings are shown To all the retailers who want in on the trends, Go to Pulse and see who's been jumpin' jumpin'.

#tbt to our favorite Destiny's Child song.  In all seriousness, this week's insight newsletter has two fiery Sasha Fierce-Esque insights surrounding the major volatility of emerging CPG.   Several brand rankings display great delta for the past two months on SnackMagic, jumping a range of 50-150 spots.

Between the months of July and August, HU Chocolate leaped 150 ranks up.  They presently sit at #13 from #163 in July.  The wellness lifestyle brand prides itself on paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and keto chocolate.  We expect demand for their products to continue as the fall season ushers in more chocolate sales. The next three brands to jump the most number ranks were snack bar brand Mezcla,  African super grain brand Yolélé, and again snack bar brand Kate’s Real Food. All showed great performance, jumping a minimum of 100 ranks- landing at 102, 74, and 50 respectively over the past two-month time period. Snack bars have been historically an average-ranked category on SnackMagic, so perhaps the turn to Back to School audiences is driving up demand for more on-the-go snacks. The second fiery insight this week, really is related to the summer heat.   We took stock of ten very hot states in the U.S. and analyzed the top beverage categories in each of them from January to June of this year. Interestingly, cold brew yielded lower sales in many of these states than in the Wellness & Functional category.  This perhaps signals that Americans are turning to alternative beverages that contain adaptogens and nootropics to cool off versus more caffeinated drinks.

Until next week, have a great Labor Day weekend.

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