Category Cash Cow

Category Cash Cow

October 21, 2022

The chart below features our five subcategories with the highest revenue per user, throughout the month of September. A big shout-out to our winners: coffee, condiments, cookies, jerky & plant based jerky, and mixers.  It seems as though our coffee, condiment and mixer products brought in the highest revenue per user, which comes at no surprise given that our pantry products have a higher average price point than those in our beverage and snack categories.Among these, mixers had the highest revenue per user at a whopping $18.70. Perhaps this means that our customers are stocking up early in preparation for hosting or attending an array of holiday gatherings.

Cookies’ impressive all around performance is supported by  the insights shared above as well as those in the chart below; which highlights the leading subcategory by volume between July and September.

By far, the biggest lead in volume movement is held by cookies, where they continue to be the number one subcategory. We have watched cookies embark on a consistent rise in total volume sold over these last 3 months, rising from 31K to 37K and then 45K.

Despite leading the charge, cookies are in great company with our four runner-up subcategories: candies, confections, nuts, seeds & legumes and popcorn & pretzels.

Popcorn & pretzels increased their volume slightly by 2K over August through September - while confections have had a consistent fall, landing at 13K in September.

We decided to shake things up with our final chart. We selected five subcategories at random to analyze and compare revenue performance, between the months of July and September.

Baked goods and chocolate in particular had a successful run! Baked goods increased their revenue by more than $10k, jumping from $26K in  August to $33K in September.

Chocolate has come back strong after their Summer Sabbatical with a huge jump from last month, increasing from $2K to $15K.

This data goes to show that as we lean into the Fall season, consumers gravitate more toward baked goods, chocolate and other cozy treats! We look forward to monitoring how this trend continues for the remainder of Q4.

See you next week! In the meantime, we suggest you log into CPGPulse to make some performance comparisons of your own.

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