Consumer Searches Promote More Chocolate & Coffee in July

Consumer Searches Promote More Chocolate & Coffee in July

September 7, 2022

Chocolate and coffee has long been associated with colder months, but we were as surprised as anyone to see that products with these flavor and ingredients notes have been voraciously searched for recently on SnackMagic's Marketplace.

How to read this pie chart:Slices of the pie represent how much each sub-category takes up of the total hits displayed once a search is made. For example, in a search made for a specific product, 7% of the hits displayed products under "Coffee". Interpret this how you may.  Perhaps what has been long skewed winter-esque flavors are now becoming more year-round, the way cold brew became a year-round product a few years back.   Chocolate is more seasonal in the US, whereas cocoa and chocolate consumption has always remained high in other parts of the world, notably Europe-- the largest base for consumer chocolate consumption. Diving into brand and product search engine results, we see that The Chocolatey Frida Blend – Medium Roast Whole Bean by 3-19 Coffee has had the most searches from June to July, at 3.78k hits, making it the most searched product among the top ten searches.The second position is taken by the Chocolate Chia Superfood Cookies by Love + Chew with 3.01k search hits.

On a related note, we have a way to deploy your product samples in a seasonally relevant way.

The SnackMagic Sampling Event Calendar aligns brand samples with consumers when it's most relevant to trial those products. If you have a target audience, occasion, or time of year that's most relevant for a particular sku in your lineup, have a look at this form to see what we're promoting and when.

*Brands that participate in Sampling program will get an Insights report from CPGPulse featuring velocity moved, consumer demographics, peer brand comparison data and more.
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