Insight of the Week: Cookies as a snack category has pulled up total revenue 2x per user in two years

Insight of the Week: Cookies as a snack category has pulled up total revenue 2x per user in two years

September 6, 2022

The top 5 snacking categories have just shot up, up and up the past three years. At least in the emerging cpg brand world-- where we play.

For better or worse, pandemic-induced anxiety ended up being a key ingredient to category growth, if you happened to manufacture popcorn and pretzels.  And, secondly, if you're a producer of candies or chocolate (a bit).

But... if you are a cookie brand, you perhaps scored really big. Cookies have made the greatest leap, managing to increase revenue from roughly $4.25 in Q1 '19 to over $10 per user in Q2 '22.

Consumers are willing to pay top dollar for their favorite cookie snack.

Popcorn & pretzels have jumped from just shy of $3.50 to over $ 7 in revenue generated per consumer.  And, chocolate and candies contribution to SnackMagic revenue has stayed consistent, jumping only a few points since 2019.


Why, the love for cookies?

1. Their global appeal.  This go-to delectable may look different in every country.  Italians may opt to dunk theirs with coffee, like in the case of Dippin Rings; the Dutch may be familiar with stroopwafels as in the case of Finger Licking Dutch; those summering in Montauk may be looking at buttery, lemon-y shortbread varieties like Blake's Mother's Cookies.

The below infographic profiles these different varieties on Pulse's Brand Dossier.

2. The classic chocolate chip variety has a place in history as the og snack.  In case you missed it, this Eater article refers to Choc Chip's long debated history stemming from recipe origination at chef Ruth Wakefield's Toll House Inn kitchen before Nestle industrialized the recipe and made this sweet a household name. (Nestle Toll House chocolate chip, cookies anyone?)

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