Cookies, Candies & Confections, Oh My!

Cookies, Candies & Confections, Oh My!

November 7, 2022

The chart below represents which subcategories were the most popular, throughout the month of October, in our top 5 states by sales: California, Illinois, Washington, New York and Texas.

Cookies was the most popular subcategory in nearly every state. The only exception being Texas, where cookies took a close second to candies, which had a minor .37% lead. Nuts, seeds & legumes and popcorn & pretzels were the two lowest ranking subcategories (out of the top 5) in nearly every state except for New York. Instead, New York’s lowest two subcategories were nuts, seeds & legumes and confections.

It may not come as a surprise to some, but there is not a significant variance for top subcategory rankings among each state. Cookies, confections, candies, nuts, seeds & legumes and popcorn & pretzels are known to be some of the highest performing subcategories within the Snack and Beverage CPG space - and are typically in good company with tortilla chips and puffs (which we categorize under “crunchies”) and potato chips.

Perhaps we’ll display more distinct regional preferences, in a future regional deep dive, by tapping into the mid-range performing subcategories by state.

We weren’t surprised by the results for the top cookie products, with Finger Licking Dutch’s Caramel Stroopwafel taking first position by a large margin in each state. Not to mention, it was the only product consistent throughout all five states, being the biggest hit in Washington with 11.34% of total sales.

Finger Licking Dutch typically takes second place to Belgian Boys' Dutch Caramel Stroopwafel, which has been on a temporary fulfillment hiatus. As a result, Finger Licking Dutch is now reaping in more sales.

The second most popular subcategory, candies, saw a single winner across each state as well; Project 7’s Magical Sour Apple Rings and Sour Fruit Gummies. The Apple Rings made the biggest hit in Illinois, with 11% of the total sales.

However, other positions for each state were a mixed bag (just like the very best bags of candy).

All in all, it’s reasonable to conclude that our top states' customers have a sweet tooth and great taste!

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