CPGPulse x Supermercato Insights Introduces: Our Snacks Category Deep Dive

CPGPulse x Supermercato Insights Introduces: Our Snacks Category Deep Dive

September 23, 2022

As we get into cooler weather, and prepare for the holidays... consumers are 'tis-ing the season for SNACKS. The category overall has been healthily growing the past couple of years, since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic has propelled more snacking at home, according to Food Dive.*

We are thrilled to release our latest category deep dive report, in collaboration with our market research partner Supermercato Insights.  SnackMagic currently stocks about 2000 items; 60-70% of those items are emerging snack products.  This may be one of our most fun deep dives yet.

Read the full report here.

Amrit Richmond, founder of Supermercato and cpg community Indie CPG dove into our data to call out hidden trends and insights among our sku assortment.  The report groups our emerging cpg partners by what feelings they illicit, textures and alternative ingredients; all backed up by recent stats via the CPGPulse Brand Comparison feature.

More groupings, below! 🍬🍫🍪

Bonus: a rundown of recent acquisitions if you wanted to get up to speed on who 'ate' who in the past five years.

Are you a cpg brand or industry partner that wants to collaborate with us on a content piece? Let us know!  Also, check out our Preferred Providers page.


Webinar Heads Up!

For those of you that joined us yesterday for our SnackMagic Q4 Partners Webinar, thank you. We will be sharing the presentation and recording in the next few days. Stay tuned

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