This Week:  A Demographics Deep Dive

This Week: A Demographics Deep Dive

September 6, 2022

Is your marketing budget heavily skewing Gen Z?  TikTok would probably propel you to do so.

You wouldn't be amiss, but CPGPulse first-party consumer data reports that the most emerging cpg consumers are still Millennials (and some Gen X'ers). In terms of ACV, the 36-45 bracket takes the lead at 37%. Generation Z x Millennial (ages 26-35) comes in second at 25% of ACV.

Baby Boomers 55+, who may remember Nabisco Corn Diggers, and Jell-O in  Ambrosia 'salad',  aren’t actually far off at third place with 23% of total ACV sold.  Generation X  (aged 46-55) contributed only 15% to the total product quantity sold.


And from age to gender breakdown...

The nine top-performing snacking categories are roughly a 50-50 male/female split, with consumption skewing slightly more female.

The greatest difference was amongst popcorn & pretzels, with males contributing only 37.46% to ACV.

And now, a ranking.  CPGPulse sports the Daily Leaderboard under Trends and Rankings but in the event, you wanted to see this visualized in a different way:

Kudos to our Cranberry Trail Mixes...the SKU climbed a whopping 150+ spots in a 7-day trailing period. It's the perfect to-go snack for that outdoorsy early summer hike.

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