Flavor Preferences Drive Category Sales

Flavor Preferences Drive Category Sales

September 6, 2022

The above graphic features CPGPulse's 'funnels of flavors' aka a visualization of top recent consumer flavor preferences.  Bigger chunks of the funnel represent more popular flavors of snacks... with the exact breakdown from bottom to top as follows:

Floral & botanical oriented snacks comprise 1% of consumer preferences, same as bitter.  Herbal & earthy notes represent 2%; same as tart flavors.

Fruity is a surprisingly low 7%; spicy also represents a small and surprising 7% of snacking flavor preferences -- despite how embedded 'spicy' seems to be in many developing snack products.

The top three snacking flavors are savory, salty and sweet -- which represent, 22%, 22%, and 37%, respectively.

The funnel's entirety cumulatively totals to 100%.

Recent consumer flavors also align with recent category performance. The below graphic represents a story of SnackMagic snack category sales for a trailing 6-months period.

Most months unanimously illustrate that sweets rake in the most sales, such as cookies, confections, and chocolates, at a range of $150k-200k sales per month.

Next cohort would be popcorn & pretzels, crunchies, nuts, seeds & legumes which align with salty and savory flavor notes at about $75-120k in sales per month.

Other categories that register with any significance include crackers & crisps, meats, and protein bars -- which can skew savory, thanks to market entrants like EPIC meat bars and classic market leads, like Kind Bar which has historically infused savory notes into their bars, such as Honey Smoked BBQ, Roasted Jalapeño, and Thai Sweet Chili

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