Get Ready For Expo West 2023!

Get Ready For Expo West 2023!

March 6, 2023

Get Ready For Expo West 2023!

Our friends at Indie CPG have put together this guide to help get you in the spirit for Expo West! We've had the pleasure of creating some super fun and unique reports with them in the past, many of which serve as the basis for this guide.

If you are planning to attend, you'll need this in-depth survival guide to help you make sense of the CPG landscape in 2023 so you can hit the floor running at Expo! If you are not attending this year there's no need to have FOMO, this guide will serve as your defacto Expo experience.

See what trends are popping up across the Expo floor, the big M&A's of 2022, and what the folks in the know have their eyes on for 2023  👀 .  Don't forget to have a little fun while reading this guide as well, it's not only for CPG nerds.

You'll likely see a lot of new faces in this guide, and some familiar ones as well. Don't forget you can visit CPGPulse to help you understand a little bit more about who these brands are and how they stack up in the SnackMagic universe so you never have to feel out of the loop again. Check brand performance, weekly leaderboards, and compare products so you can become the next industry expert.

The SnackMagic Brand's team will be in attendance as well, so keep an eye out if you want to connect, or feel free to reach out to!

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