Growth Percentages From August to September

Growth Percentages From August to September

October 31, 2022

Watch them soar. Our first chart of the day shows the top 10 brands ranked by sales growth over the month of September, compared to August. The stage is shared by a mix of food and beverage CPG brands along with non-edible CPG brands, Satya Organic, Noshinku, and YAAB.

Jessie’s Nutty Cups, one of our big holiday movers is ranked second. They grew by nearly 10K%, jumping from $47 to more than $4K. This just goes to show how strong of a category chocolate is for us during the active non-summer months.

Squbes showed immense growth over a one-month period, growing by 25K%. They had sales of $35.49 in August but jumped to $9K in September. Clearly, participating in our promotional sampling program has tremendously benefited their brand awareness and success.

If you’re interested in sampling to increase brand awareness and collect consumer insights, apply here to learn more.

Now we’re moving on from top sales growth performers to product search trends.  This pie chart displays our top ten trending subcategories for product search results, throughout the month of September.

Piggy-backing off of last week’s newsletter when we sang the praises of our cookie subcategory, out of all searched items in the month of September, cookies was the top sub-category to be searched. Cookies reserved a whopping 24% of the top 10 searches, a total of 82.32K hits.

Coffee, tea, & cocoa products were the second most popular search, accounting for 16% (54.48K) of all matched results. No surprise there, given that they're slam dunk pairings for our all-star cookies. The remaining top subcategories, which mostly fell under the snack parent category, held onto a 6-10% share of the pie.

Nuts for snacks. We decided to go beyond the findings of the chart above and dig into the top ten product results for leading search term “nuts”.  Slices of this pie represent the percentage each top product holds out of the total results displayed.

Ziba Foods had the highest number, accounting for 15% out of the top 10, with a total of 2.33K results. House of Macadamias was second with 2K, and Pocket Nuts was third with 1.63K. These product search results seem to show that our customers went nuts over “nut” themed products during the month of September, and we don't expect this trend to change.

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