Hello, Autumn.  🍂🍁

Hello, Autumn. 🍂🍁

September 16, 2022

Have you been seeing pumpkin spice on menus?  Whether you cringe or embrace the advent of the fall season, we're officially in the throes of September.  Fall is here.  

As such, we're rounding up three seasonally appropriate insights this week.

1. Top Rated Products from some cooler weather snack and pantry categories from 1H2022.   Top rated brands thus far include some imported brands like Zibari, and Gavottes and others include national players such as Republic of Tea, and indie brand Tomato Bliss.

2.  Top Performing Beverage Categories from Fall 2021 -- functional beverages and tea reign supreme in fall and winter.  If you're a functional tea, perhaps you'll be top dog these next two seasons if you play in the tea category with functional ingredients.

3. Brand Shift for 'Pathway to 2000 Units Sold'. August 2022 data showcases a new stroopwafel brand in town. Brands with this sku in their lineup took #2 and #3 spots for top rated item in August 2022. But, the brands differed. Rip Van came in second with 25 days and surprisingly Belgian Boys took third with 29 days, losing its usual momentum for Fastest to 2000 Units Sold.  Top spot went to potato chips maker Hal's New York, clearing 2000 units in 18 days.

With that, a revisit of Rip Van's Brand Dossier for top ranked SKUs.  The hero SKU is a  hazelnut filled wafer-style product, versus a traditional circular stroopwafel cookie.  Perhaps a freshening of format is getting more 'Add to Carts' as of late.

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