Insight of the Week:  Spicy don't always mean 'hot'

Insight of the Week: Spicy don't always mean 'hot'

August 31, 2022

As past April came to a close, we assessed how different flavor profiles performed at SnackMagic. Spicy products are on the rise for the American palette. But, what about spicy sweets?

Survey says...

It's not just about potato chips rubbed in sweet chili and jalapeno-flavored crunchies.

Confectionary products like Homefree's Ginger Snap cookies account for ~7% of April's spicy product sales.  Tell that to the next chocolate chip lover.

Taste is the ultimate foundation for new product development.  We're keeping tabs on changing consumer taste preferences through our collection of 'taste profiles' on the SnackMagic gifting menu.

In other news... broths for spring?

Following the footsteps of cold brew coffee, bone broths are becoming a year-round product, accounting for ~15% of April sales for the pantry category.

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