CPGPulse x Indie CPG Introduces:

CPGPulse x Indie CPG Introduces:

November 28, 2022

We're thrilled to release this Supermarket Map, our latest collaboration with market research partner Amrit Richmond, founder of Supermercato and CPG community Indie CPG.

The road ahead is a little less daunting when you have a map in hand. See how fellow CPG brands are building growth along the road of retail ready strategy - and if you have any questions you can’t answer, CPGPulse is always there to help you navigate.

Five Ways to Partners with SnackMagic for Retail Growth:

1. Sampling - Get your products in the hands of consumers for feedback on a national scale

2. SnackDrop - A gamified way to order, rate, review emerging CPG on mobile

3. SnackMagic - The best snacks and sips delivered in a variety of wonderful ways

4. SnackMagic Marketplace - Find the brands you love and buy in bulk

5. CPGPulse - Real intel on CPG brands. First-party consumer feedback, competitive analysis, and digestible insights

The time to expand a DTC business into retail should be at an inflection point when customers are asking for your products offline, when you have the team skills and capacity across inventory and working capital, and when you have enough interest from consumers in key locations that you can drive into stores. It’s tempting to want to launch in retail right when you get inbound asks from retailers, but you need to ensure you have a strong foundation and infrastructure in place before saying yes.

A question often asked in the CPG community is which retailers to pitch with first? Which curated markets and apps are known to partner with emerging brands, especially before they have a distributor. To read more, see Amrit's full post here.

In addition to what's listed above, check out more Brand Builder stores below in the SF Bay Area, LA and NY!

Are you a CPG brand or industry partner that wants to collaborate with us on a content piece? Let us know!  Also, check out our Preferred Providers page.

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