Males Dominate Wellness Shots and Smoothies Category

Males Dominate Wellness Shots and Smoothies Category

September 6, 2022

Recent June 2022 data from CPGPulse unveiled some surprising demographic information across some of SnackMagic's top performing categories.

When it comes to CPG, females have historically driven household purchasing, so it is not unusual to see June's top categories were primarily dominated by female purchases:

Cold Brew sales for the month were driven by female consumers

Crackers & crisps: 65.57% female; 34.43% male

Potato chips: 76.42% female; 23.58% male

Protein bars: 82.36% female; 17.64% male

The shots & smoothies category bucked common trend as these products were primarily purchased by male consumers-- just under 94%.

Some notable brands in this category include:

Hana Tonic, whose original target audience has actually been pregnant women since the brand markets anti-nausea properties given its hero ingredient is ginger

FeelGood Superfoods, whose sku range largely includes dietary supplements as much as it does wellness shots -- dietary supplements in recent studies have skewed more male, particularly in regards to performance enhancement*

Magic Mind, which arguably is marketed more to male consumers-- this productivity shot is marketed to enhance energy and focus. The brand is performing well at the workplace and aims to replace energy drinks, which has been long been dominated by male consumers

Other category statistics from last month report more traditional findings.

June CPGPulse data reports that the below categories ranked top five in terms of per-user generated revenue.  Mixers had the highest revenue at $19.41 per user, seasonings & sauces are second at $15.98 per user, and coffee is third at $15.40 per user.

Mixers, as well as Seasonings & Sauces sales align predictively with the season of summer -- where warmer weather and lazier days ring in the barbecues accompanied by cool libations pool-side.

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