Peer Group Analysis  Our Stand-Out Subcategories and Brands

Peer Group Analysis Our Stand-Out Subcategories and Brands

January 13, 2023

Confections, cookies, crunchies, puffs and snack bars were our top 5 performing subcategories within the first week of the year, January 1st to the 7th.

The table to the right shows a conjoined analysis of the aforementioned top subcategories and the most common peer subcategories purchased alongside them.

As you can see, the peer subcategories have consistent overlap with each other - and none at all with our fellow pantry and beverage parent categories. As noted in our company name, snacks are our bread and butter, and are most predominant in our sales.

This pie chart displays the top 5 brands, within the same top subcategories, sold in the first week of January. Michel et Augustin is the top brand with 28% of the total quantity sold within the top 5.

Finger licking Dutch placed second with 19% of the share, while the rest of the three positions are a tie and not far off at 18%.

Four out of five of those listed are cookie brands, the Good Crisp being the only outlier player from the savory side of the field.

This chart shows brands which moved up the most ranks within the last 7 days, within the same peer subcategories as above. A comparison is being drawn by the lines between the brand's current rank and their rank 14 days ago. The bar graph displays the total difference between the two points of comparison, all of which show substantial growth.

U-LUV Foods is sitting comfortably at the top of the list, having jumped a whopping 139 ranks within a week. The second largest jump has been made by Numa Foods with 117 ranks increased, placing it in the 22nd slot.

Customers must have wanted to ring in the new year with their love for our delicious snacks!

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