Pumpkin Spice Life...Not Loved By All

Pumpkin Spice Life...Not Loved By All

October 14, 2022

In continuing to be seasonally appropriate, this week's curated insights focus on analysis of the Coffee, Tea, Cocoa beverage category.

The below chart analyzes 'Quantity Sold' of SnackMagic's beverage assortment from September to October.  Interestingly, Asian inspired beverage brand, Bubluv's passionfruit oolong guava boba tea beat out seasonal classics such as Door County's pumpkin spice full pot ground coffee.  Perhaps not everyone is about that pumpkin spice life.

Vietnamese coffee brand Copper Cow Coffee's mocha creamers made the top-five radar in terms of quantity sold. Mocha strikes fall notes,  but it was rivaled by an opposing flavor profile from Republic of Tea.  The national tea brand's Daily Beauty blueberry bavender single serve is another fast mover.

Is it a seasonal flavor shake-up, a testament to Asian beverages gaining steam, or tea consumption becoming more a beauty regimen?

The names from this above 'Quantity Sold' chart reappear when analyzing top brands in the Coffee, Tea, Cocoa category on a percent share of sales lens.   The Republic of Tea is winning out thus far, contributing 17% to total quantity sold. Midwest darling Door County Coffee & Tea Co. is second, contributing 14% and newcomer English imported brand, Taylors of Harrogate Tea, is third, at 13% quantity sold.

A different view.  From CPGPulse's Brand Comparison Tool, we see in a recent timeframe that Republic of Tea additionally clocks in at first place in terms of users and velocity.

And last but not least, a view of the delta in some brand ranks jumped in the last 60 days show the decent movement amongst, at least two aforementioned brands -- Taylor's and Copper Cow -- both jumping seven and a whopping 25 ranks, respectively.  The chart below also convey the biggest delta is among coffee brands -- from 3-19, One Village and Copper Cow.

Now, that is fitting for the season.

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