Ratings, Ratings, Ratings Galore.

Ratings, Ratings, Ratings Galore.

September 7, 2022

We're keeping this week's insights simple. It's all about ratings.

All products sold on SnackMagic and visualized on CPGPulse are up for a 1-5 star rating after product delivery, in addition to qualitative consumer ratings and reviews.

First up, the parent categories:

SnackMagic's top five rated products from 1H 2022, by parent categories: snacks, beverage, pantry.

Followed by top snack subcategories: cookies, popcorn & pretzels, crunchies (aka alternative better-for-you savory snacks).  And candies (identified as soft/hard candy) and chocolates.

With ratings, comes reviews. According to INC, 91% of consumers read online reviews, and 85% deem them as trustworthy as a personal recommendation. In case you don't know how to find your reviews on CPGPulse, a quick tutorial: Reviews on CPGPulse, can be found through Brand Dossier -> Ratings and Reviews.

Whether you've recently entered the market, or are a well-established CPG brand, combining performance sales velocity, with consumer opinion can make for some fruitful learnings and help you stay dynamic. What's more... our mobile app, SnackDrop goes a step further from collecting ratings, and reviews, to attaining product recipient answers to shopping persona questions.  Brand-specific custom questions soon are available.

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