A Reporting Oasis for Emerging CPG

A Reporting Oasis for Emerging CPG

September 6, 2022

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As Q2 comes to a close, we take stock of an array of brand performance across a variety of emerging cpg categories.   CPGPulse reports on brands that are often pre-retail ready, and are natively DTC.

From vegan snacks such as well-recognized Vegan Rob's, to international imports, such as Yanni's Olive Grove, to sweet-meets-salty snacks, such chocolate drizzled mini rice crisps, Drizzilicious... consumers are opting in to discover new brands on SnackMagic.

Categorically, cookies still reign supreme in terms of category sales from Q2 '21 to Q2 '22, but from a % change standpoint bites actually illustrate the most growth.

This is good news for snack bar producers, as reformatting goods into a bites format can often be an easier transition versus other product types.

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