Revenue and Volume Drivers

Revenue and Volume Drivers

November 10, 2022

Continuing to ride the wave of top subcategory revenue drivers, mixers maintained the highest revenue per user throughout October at $19.75- a 6% increase from the $18.70 revenue per user noted back in September.

In second place was condiments, which sold at an average of $12.79. The following two are all in the neighborhood of $12.00; shots & smoothies sold for $12.30, and jerky & plant-based jerky for $12.07. The 5th highest revenue per user subcategory was Baking Mixes at an average of $11.24.

Given that the revenue per user is in part a reflection of our products' retail pricing, it’s no surprise that pantry staples make up the majority of our top drivers.

However, shots & smoothies stand out from the crowd, given that their retail is priced substantially lower than their top subcategory counterparts; concluding that our customers include multiple shot and smoothie beverages in their carts. I reckon they may be getting their gut and immune systems prepped for the upcoming holiday season.

In these next three charts, we call attention to the volume performance of our top 5 brands, in their respective parent category, between August and October.

From our beverage parent category, Mayawell, Pricklee, Remedy Drinks, Teatulia, and The Republic of Tea were the top-selling brands, in August.

Mayawell, new to our platform this summer, exhibited the greatest increase in volume since August, jumping from 885 units to 3.93K through that time frame. They stayed ahead of the pack by quite a large margin. In August, Teatulia had the highest volume amongst these brands at 1.92K units but came in second in October (2.41K units).

Overall, these brands have seen quite an increase in volume- even Pricklee who saw a dip in the month of September but managed to pull themselves up in October.

Among our pantry brands, Copper Cow Coffee is a name to watch out for, as they rose from 22 units in August to a whopping 4.62K in October. Craftmix and Nature’s Crush saw a gradual increase in volume over the 3 months, placing second and third place. Oloves and Splash Mixers did see a dip in the month of September but caught up in October.

Last, but certainly not least, is our snacks parent category. Project 7 and ROSHEN Confectionery went head-to-head for highest volume in October. Ultimately, Project 7 held a couple hundred point lead, selling 8.91K while ROSHEN sold 8.44K.

Both of these brands, however, were in the bottom 2 in the two months prior. So this high of a jump is definitely an accomplishment to be proud of!

The featured volume growth between August and October is in line with SnackMagic’s overall sales trajectory, since gifting demand nearly doubles as we enter the holiday season. With this point in mind, we can expect continued growth for the remainder of Q4.

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