Side by Side Comparisons A to Z Side by side comparisons for quantitative metrics and qualitative alike

Side by Side Comparisons A to Z Side by side comparisons for quantitative metrics and qualitative alike

September 7, 2022

Happy August!  An assessment of CPGPulse's individual SKU rankings for the last week of July (7/25-29) confirms the SnackMagic universe's top individual products were: 1. Unimaginable Foods - Dreamy Caramel Granola Wellness Snack
2. Finger Licking Dutch- Caramel Stroopwafel
3. Without a Trace - Soft Chocolately Chip Cookie
4. Jealous Sweets - Tangy Warms Gummy Candies
5. Chunk Nibbles - S'More Nibbles Mix Top two products are produced by very different brands, in two very different categories.  But both utilize caramel, a confectionary hero ingredient. One is a purist's take on a Dutch iconic cookie; the other is a granola bite x wellness snack that's gut-friendly. Both are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but both ranked favorably by SnackMagic users by a close margin -- at just over 800 and ~1000 individual units moved in a week. When performance is neck-and-neck (as in often is on SnackMagic), consumers can rely on qualitative ratings & reviews for a more personalized assessment of each product and brand.   CPGPulse also compiles first-party consumer ratings and reviews:

How do we get Ratings & Reviews?  SnackDrop users are asked to rate products as part of the user experience to participate in more drops.  Results are shown on Pulse.  Also, asked throughout SnackDrop?  Additional consumer insights regarding shopping behavior.  Such information helps personalize our drop themes for users, and map them with our brands' sample products -- making product trials relevant. Interested in seeing even more ranking volatility?  Week over week rankings for all emerging snack, beverage, and pantry emerging CPG can be seen below. For more ratings & reviews on each brand in the SnackMagic universe check out Brand Dossier >  Ratings & Reviews for your brand.  Sign Up is free.

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