Snack Brand Ranks Jumped Week-over-Week  +  Month-over-Month

Snack Brand Ranks Jumped Week-over-Week + Month-over-Month

December 12, 2022

Brand performance can quickly take a turn for the better on our platform - which is encouragement we often share with brand partners, should there be any concern around daily movement.

For instance, Candy Candy Candy's sales outranked the pace of their snack peers within the past week. They jumped to 16th from 156th place, moving the most rankings in the past 7 days as compared to the 7 days prior.

AWAKE Chocolate bites made a massive jump in the charts over the last 30 days, compared to the 30 days prior, jumping from 199th to to 6th place. Atkins’ protein chips made an impressive jump as well, moving up 185 spots to 30th place. The 3rd most drastic move was accomplished by Seedly’s seed crumbles, moving 156 places to 75th.

Especially considering that snacks is our most populous and popular parent category, these rank jumps are very impressive.

Aside from sharing the same parent category, the common factor between these brands is their participation in SnackMagic’s sampling program. Their performance within the last month goes to show how effective the program can be with getting product in the hands of our customers, through our various distribution channels. And along with increased distribution, comes more product ratings, reviews, peer groups and customer demographic data.

Let’s take a look at some of the CPGPulse brand dossier data

complied from the customers of our 30-day ranks jumped winner, AWAKE Chocolate:

AWAKE's brand velocity score of 87 means that their velocity performance was higher than an average of 87% of their peers in the chocolate subcategory.

Based on the individual SKU velocity performance, it's clear that our customers preferred the conventional chocolates with sugar added, Peanut Butter Chocolate being the most popular flavor of the bunch. However, despite being lower ranking in AWAKE's portfolio, the "no sugar" SKUs still outperformed an average of 77% of their chocolate peers, within the last 30 days.

Throughout the last 30 days, the total gender split behind AWAKE's popular demand was relatively balanced - female customers just taking a 10% overall lead. However, customers in the 36-45 age range were 100% female.

And as an added bonus, below are AWAKE's top chocolate peers along with an analysis of accompanied products in customer carts.

They're in good company with brands such as Milk Boy, Mast Chocolate, Finger Licking Dutch and Vegan Rob's.

As always, a huge thanks for reading - and should you require an extra boost to get you through the week, might we suggest AWAKE for all of your caffeine needs? (this statement is not sponsored).

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