Also, do you need to be well-known to succeed on SnackMagic?

Also, do you need to be well-known to succeed on SnackMagic?

September 7, 2022

Brands pictured above who delighted us with their creative creations on an afternoon stroll (Milk Bar, Levain Bakery, Eleni's Cookies) or fueled us for a power lunch (Hu) have all branched out from New York City retail operations into the world of cpg.  Milk Bar launched its packaged cookie line in 2020, but the plight to reach consumers through cpg had been ten years in the making.

As of last month, the brand represented over one fifth of the quantity sold on SnackMagic, as modeled on CPGPulse, below.

More visualizations below represent the trend line of day over day orders for the brand, reflective of the last month, and previous month.

Hint: If you're looking for this chart for your brand, check out Growth Analysis under Investor / Buyer Dashboards.

Unit sales of 100+ per day plus can be commonplace on SnackMagic, while such metrics are very rare when looking at per store location unit velocity in a retail setting.

Below are Milk Bar's top SKU ranking on SnackMagic, located on Brand Dossier.

When checking your own profile, how does this compare to your rankings from your retail partners?

Does this follow the same order or present much different results?

Back to this week's pie chart: alongside Milk Bar in terms of July quantity sold is family owned and independently operated, Nature's Crush Popcorn -- a  microwave popcorn brand that slightly beat Christina Tosi's household name brand in terms of quantity sold.

Other notable brands with high percentages include Oloves (part of the Elma Farms family, who also operates the more widely distributed Poshi brand), Midwestern dare we say Chex inspired snack mix Chunk Nibbles, and Dutch imported Finger Licking Dutch. It's a grab bag assortment, which leads the question...

Does brand recognition help your performance on SnackMagic?  Would brand recognition help these retail-to-CPG brands in regions where their storefronts are not based? Does it make sense for these brands to launch in regions where they already have a following from their retail operations?

That remains to be seen. We can only speak to our consumer.

SnackMagic gift recipients are focused on discovery, so exploring new brands has been the most commonly observed consumer behavior.  The platform specializes on retail discovery online -- allowing new consumers to easily trial a batch of singles in the same box and have it shipped to their doorstep.

Despite SnackMagic sales patterns, emerging cpg will continue to see a trend of craft restaurant/retail brands gearing up for grocery store shelves to fuel their growth.

A more comprehensive take on this can be explored via  this piece on Modern Retail by author Gabriela Barkho from last fall (who has reported on SnackMagic's own evolution.

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