Surprising Summer Categories

Surprising Summer Categories

September 6, 2022

CPG category strength has been largely tied to seasonality. But, time tested trends have been largely changing.

Cold brew has become a year-round product. Broths are consumed in spring, citing their detoxifying abilities as much as their warming capabilities in the throes of winter.

Highly ranked summertime categories include dried fruits, water and energy -- perfect fuel for long hikes and hot beach days.

But Pulse top category rankings now include baking mixes; traditionally only on shelf from October to February.  The jump may be attributed to new market entrants like True Scoops. This emerging cpg sports a flagship self-stable ice cream mix line that only requires half and half for a DIY finished product, making this refreshing, beloved dessert,  truly portable and economically feasible for the era of dtc food & bev commerce.

Beverages have already diverted R&D towards powdered formats given poor unit economics of RTD shipping, and it seems pantry items namely packaged in a carton, jar or bulky container may be following suit.

Other pantry categories that showcase a jump in rank: savory sauces, rubs, and condiments. Such trends validate that this category sees a seasonal spike, as it's tis the season for cookouts and barbecues.

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