The Classic Sweet vs Salty Debate

The Classic Sweet vs Salty Debate

August 12, 2022

Ah, the classic sweet vs. salty debate.  Fast-forward to Sunday brunch and you're flip-flopping between Eggs Benedict or Blueberry Pancakes.

Turns out, about one-third of our voracious snackers prefer salty & savory as top flavors, followed by herbal/earthy (?!?!), spicy (okay, yes), then sweet.

Heads up for any new SKU R&D...

But, in our newest CPG Trendsetter, all age groups report that chocolate is a top category.

A little Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie reigning as top snack item perhaps?  We get that.

Download it here.


It's a great time to see some new features, especially Brand Dossier where you can analyze performance against your peers and competitors.

Brand Dossier is currently free to all users.

In fact, we are democratizing CPG analytics for all more on that via Food Navigator... freshly released today.

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