Presenting: The CPGPulse SKU Deep Dive

Presenting: The CPGPulse SKU Deep Dive

September 7, 2022

SnackMagic's recently launched sampling programs provide brands with a post-sampling report deliverable that features an array of deep-dive data sets.   This week, we're taking a break from curated insights to show you a more detailed range of capabilities possible for every SKU that comes through our distribution channels. We've even got it down to how many units went to which states, and among who trialed your goods, when they like to snack.

This data will soon be available to all in the Pulse ecosystem:  brands, investors, distributors, buyers, brokers, advisors, and just plain ole CPG fans. Explore the report in more detail here.** If you are interested in learning more, please email us. Or sign up for our SnackMagic for Partners webinar, where we'll discuss new features this Q4. Curious to learn about how you can use e-commerce data to steer your retail go-to-market strategy? Check out our recent blog post "How to Use ECommerce To Foray Into Retail" on our partner, RangeMe.

Shopper persona questions originate from SnackDrop**CPGPulse's SKU Deep Dive report is an accompanying deliverable for all brands who conduct a consumer sampling campaign.

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