The Return of Chocolate

The Return of Chocolate

October 7, 2022

Happy October!

The advent of cooler weather reopens consumer interest in chocolate brands. Especially with Halloween around the corner.

Let's get right into CPGPulse's Daily Leaderboard to see how some of our top chocolate brands and products are performing.

As a reminder, CPGPulse's Trends & Rankings feature reports daily movement-- a constant reminder of emerging cpg's volatility. 📈

As the season would have it, September month-end data reports that top searched products on SnackMagic's menu are from the coffee and tea categories.  Some of these top-searched products sport 'chocolate' in their names.  The below chart displays 3-19 Coffee's Chocolatey Frida Blend has been the most searched product for the month of September, with 2.26k searches.  Teatulia's Organic Chamomile Pyramid (a dry tea sku, not their RTD tea soda) ranks second with 2.07k searches. Third is Love + Chew's Chocolate Chia Superfood Cookie with 1.80k searches.  Products that combine the flavors of the season plus a functional ingredient are most en vogue, in the month of September.

Apart from striking off the most common search terms in the month of September, chocolate was again top of mind when assessing a recent jump in brand rankings. Gourmet chocolate/peanut butter cup brand, Jessie's Nutty Cups made a whopping 135 spots jump in rank.  As exemplified below, the brand was in 214th place 60 days ago among all SnackMagic brands. Today, it is 79th place jumping 135 spots from roughly August to September.

Stay tuned to see how our emerging cpg universe changes until year-end.

Coming soon: Downloadable Curated Reports.

Unlock insights from a variety of CPGPulse data sets with Curated Reports.  These reports will be downloadable and shareable to everyone -- even those that don't have a CPGPulse login.  Our launch collection of ad hoc curated reports will include:

  • SKU Deep Dive - Finite details on individual SKUs
  • Brand Deep Dive - The health of a single brand in one place
  • Seasonal Analysis - A snapshot of emerging cpg in winter, spring, summer and fall
  • Sub Category Analysis - All encompassing subcategory performance (categories within snacks, beverage, pantry)
  • Market Intelligence for Due Diligence - Ultimate due diligence tool for emerging cpg trends
  • Category Analysis - All encompassing performance on snacks, beverage, pantry parent categories
  • SnackMagic Snapshot - A go-to PDF for SnackMagic data in a snapshot, inclusive of order volume and audience demographics
  • Search Analysis -A detailed report on top consumer search terms on SnackMagic’s marketplace

Additionally, the CPGPulse team can model anything you want to see about your products- from brand comparison data to audience insights. Some custom reporting will require an ingesting your own Shopify data.  If interested, please inquire with  We'll be releasing more details around this capability once Curated Reports become available.

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