The Stars Are in Your Favor

The Stars Are in Your Favor

December 2, 2022

The Stars Are in Your Favor

Customer Ratings and Reviews

After receiving their tasty treats, whether it be in the form of a gifted Snackbox or self-ordered SnackDrop, customers are encouraged to submit ratings and reviews based on their experiences, like so:

Once customers rate products on a scale of 1-5 stars, their submissions are aggregated in CPGPulse for your review.

in below's chart, we've pulled our top selling products from the month of October, where the average ratings and review totals are also on display for comparison. With a 4.37 star average and 114 reviews, the top-rated product of the bunch was Nature's Garden's Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds. What's not to love?

Finger Licking Dutch's Caramel Stroopwafels, a name you've been seeing a lot of lately, came in second with an average rating of 4.33 stars pulled from 190 customer reviews.

Following a similar format as above, October’s top brands alongside their average portfolio ratings can be found below.

Hal's New York had a first-place average rating of 4.54 stars aggregated from a total of 400 customer reviews, which covered an assortment of 5 SKUs (Sea Salt Popcorn, Original, Buffalo Ranch, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Sweet Chili Potato Chips). Milk Boy was second with a 4.4 star rating pulled from 180 reviews, and ROSHEN Confectionery third with 4.35 stars and 264 reviews.

If you thought that Hal's cap of 5 SKUs may have given them a ratings advantage, that's not the case here - In fact, it was the smallest assortment from this trio. We sold 6 SKUs from Milk Boy and 10 SKUs from ROSHEN during the month of October.

To discover more on your own, take a peek at CPGPulse's Ratings tab, located under Investor/Buyer Dashboards. There are filters that can be used to par down ratings results by the desired date range, parent category, subcategory, brand, demographic and/or flavor profile.

Below, we've pulled the top rated snack brands within the last 90 days. Unlike the charts reviewed above, this visual is based only on ratings and doesn't factor in sales.

For more in-depth feedback specific to your brand, check out the Ratings & Reviews tab under your Brand Dossier section of CPGPulse.

As an example, below is a snippet of Hal's many 5-star reviews that contributed toward the brand's stellar performance back in October.

Our customer rating dashboards won’t be complimentary for much longer, so we encourage you to roam around the platform while you still have free range access!

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