This Week's Conclusions on CPGPulse

This Week's Conclusions on CPGPulse

September 7, 2022

July '22 Data.  The above infographic features states in different regions of the continental U.S.   There is a strong preference for the cookies category.  Among these different regions, Wyoming and West Virginia prove that Nuts, Seeds, & Legumes are dominating on their home turf. Any guesses why?  Backpacking and hiking excursions, perhaps?

Growth Percentages: July's 'Most Changed' Brands with respect to sales growth.  The table below reflects the top 10 brands on SnackMagic across categories that had the greatest delta over the past couple of months in revenue growth. Two of these top 10 feature brands are non-food consumer goods.   Among great gifting items?  Health, wellness, personal care, productivity, homewares, kid's and family products... all nestled under Work & Play.

Rankings Shake-Up

August '22 Data-- August 8-14.  UK-based Jealous Sweet's tangy worms gummy candies were the most popular product, selling almost 800 units in a week. They beat out fan favorite Finger Licking Dutch's Caramel Stroopwafel cookies, which landed at 735 units sold.  Chiky’s lemon cookies were third, selling 639 units.  All top three products were sweet. That's all till next week. Want different kinds of curated conclusions?  Let us know what data you're itching to see.


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