What's New on CPGPulse Comparison Insights and Velocity Scorecards

What's New on CPGPulse Comparison Insights and Velocity Scorecards

February 8, 2023

What's New on CPGPulse

Comparison Insights and Velocity Scorecards

We're excited to share that our CPGPulse data platform has been upgraded. We encourage you to login and explore firsthand, and if you have yet to create an account there's no better time than the present.

While many of our analytic features remain unchanged, the platform overall has a more streamlined design and intuitive user experience. However, we are introducing two new exciting features: Brand Comparison Insights and Brand Velocity Scorecards.

Brand Comparison Insights:

Interested in how your brand's performance compares to your peers? In your personalized CPGPulse brand dossier, you can compare side-by-side with up to two brands at a time. If you have specific brands in mind, type their names into the search bar to run a comparison analysis. Otherwise, you can identify brands to compare when filtering by category, sub-category and average velocity score.

Once the desired brands are selected, data comparisons can be broken down by performance, demographics, peer group, rating and reviews, among other insights.

Velocity Scorecard:

In an effort to expand upon our data and promote transparency, we have created a velocity scorecard. In this feature, performance can be monitored for any brand along with their areas of improvement and success. A primary benefit this serves for brands is to ensure there are no surprises come review time.

The breakdown is a month-by-month format and features brands' average velocity score, product level scores in comparison with subcategory peers, average days in stock, and projected missed revenue.

Be sure to use these valuable CPGPulse features to your advantage by scanning the market, scoping out competitors and taking a deep dive into your brand's performance.

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